SpeedBox 3.0B-Tuning for BOSCH

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Speedbox 3.0B-Tuning for  BOSCH Drive Available in New Zealand  at a Special price of NZ$439

Why pay more to import from Czech Republic Europe with Covid-19  Mail delays(up to one month)  or expensive DHL shipping costs.

SpeedBox 3.0B-Tuning for BOSCH

Unique connection of electric bike and mobile phone

This application uses Bluetooth technology to acquire data from your drive and displays the information on your mobile phone. Individual trips can be stored, results can be compared with friends and together they can monitor their performance.

SpeedBox B-Tuning gives you the ability to suppress the speed limiter on your electric bike. The supplemental assistance of your electric bike motor will no longer be limited to 25 km/h. The tuning kit can be activated and deactivated directly from the application or by the WALK button.

The application, also offers the functionality of concealing the tuning kit completely. When you activate this function “Conceal tuning”, the lights and the walk buttons won’t function as normal. The conceal function has disabled their operation.

At the same time, this product can be considered a security add-on for your electric bike. The mobile application, includes the ability of temporarily disabling the supplementary assistance of your electric bike motor. It can also control other functions of your electric bike, which will add a higher level of security to your ebike. These additional benefits will help you avoid any misuse or damage caused by others.

Data from your ebike can be easily displayed on your mobile phone, by using the SpeedBox B-Tuning kit mobile application. The majority of sport related mobile applications only use estimates generated from gross values, these values may differ from the actual electric bike data by as much as 20 percent. However, the SpeedBox application displays actual  data gathered from the control unit of your electric bike –all in real time!

Benefits of the application:

  • Deactivate motor assistance
  • Suppression of speed limiter
  • Conceal tuning kit
  • Display drive data and technical data of electric bike

Even an inexperienced person can install the SpeedBox B-Tuning  kit. You only need some basic tools. This procedure will not damage the motor or bike in any way– you simply have to insert some connectors into the electric bike motor. Disassembly is just as easy.

The tuning kit for the electric bike can also be used without connecting it to the mobile application.You can activate the tuning kit and suppress the speed limiter.You simply activate the SpeedBox function by a short press of the WALK or LIGHT button (depends on driver). After pressing this button, the current speed of 9.9 km/h is displayed on the control panel for about 3 seconds. This means that the SpeedBox2 is activated. When the WALK button is pressed again, the current speed of 2.5 km/h is displayed. This means that the SpeedBox2 is deactivated, and everything works as if the speedbox had never been installed. The supplementary assistance of your electric bike now works up to its original speed limit of 2.5 km/h.

We’re continuously working on developing and improving our products. You can expect in the near future an update to our SpeedBox B mobile application. We are planning to include in the application, additional functions for settings and diagnostic details. Updates will run automatically and are completely free.

We recommend that you download the SpeedBox application before ordering the SpeedBox B-Tuning kit. It is recommended to test the application on your phone to insure that it will function properly on your operating system and android version. It’s necessary that your phone is equipped with Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher.

Speed limiter: suppressed
Display shows: actual values
Compatible with the displays: KIOX, INTUVIA, NYON and PURION
Activated by: Mobile App/WALK button

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