SPEEDBOX 2.0 for Giant 2017-2020 (do not order) replaced by 2.1

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SPEEDBOX 2.0  for Giant Drive  now available in New Zealand 2017-2020 and onwards   ( DP NOT ORDER AS NO LONGER STOCKING)

Order the SB2.1 for giant  in stock( ON A SEPARATE TAB  as   Not stocking  the SB2.0 for GIANT from September 2021

Speedbox EBike Tuning with Giant Drive is Available( in stock now)  in New Zealand Why pay more to import from Czech Republic Europe with Covid-19 Mail delays or expensive DHL shipping costs.

Please advise  Giant -Yamaha motor model so we can ship the right Speedbox 2 for you


Tuning of E-bikes Giant (Yamaha) drive

Do you have an electric bike with a Yamaha mid drive? Does the motor automatically switch off at 25 km/h? SpeedBox will help you with that. This gadget suppresses the speed limiter. The maximum speed of your electric bike will only be limited by your pedalling rate.

SpeedBox2 are the newest versions of our tuning kits. The speed limiter is suppressed and all the values on the display are presented in actual values.

Installing the SpeedBox will not damage any part of the motor or ebike, we only use original connectors for our products!

This speedbox works with all models 2017-2020 onwards



It is very easy to install the SpeedBox.


Giant  Installation all videos are on the  YouTube channel  use the link below :


Tips and tricks: to install and start  Speedbox:

You have to press the walk button then the + button within 3 seconds


Also   if WALK doesn’t work,

press WALK, then UP.




What type of drive do you have in your electric bike? Is it a Yamaha PW Drive, PW-SE 2018, PW-SE 2019, or PW-X Drive?

Not sure of what type of drive you have? Then please click on your display:

PW-XPW-SE2019Display CPW Drive


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