Speedbox Installation instruction for Bosch2017-2020, watch the  video below

Please watch the installation videos:


Please Note:

1st and 3rd connector from left is meant for LIGHTS.

2nd and 4th connector from left is meant for SPEEDBOX.

Best Regards,
Jiri Voldan Speedbox

If  you have any further questions  email Colin@sportx.nz

Colin Middleton CEO Sportx NZ

Also for earlier Bosch CX Motor “2016 Model”  installation instructions:

These are the connectors to use for the Bosch Trek Intuvia/CX motor (2016 model). Photo above with the ” Blue Chassis photo above”
Useful  for customers with Bosch CX 2016 Model
Also users of this mode  will need to purchase a  crank puller to install these (on this model at least).
Attachments area
Trek Bosch Intuvia see photo above {with the Blue chassis}  above

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